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I am a guitarist-songwriter based out of Toronto & Montreal, Canada. I started playing guitar when I was 15 years old and wrote my first song two years later. Up to now I have released four albums.


"My guitar is not a thing but an extension of myself. It represents who I am and how I live this life. Music is pretty much in my blood and it's definitely in my environment."

Eddy Scott

Eddy Scott

What I Do

My guitar styles go back to the most primal bottleneck blues, country, folk music and vintage jazz.

My Skills

I create a uniquely eclectic vision of the blues and blend the raw emotion of gospel and the smooth finesse of jazz.

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This is my collection of art pieces I have worked on with the combination of singing and instruments that will hopefully satisfy music listeners by its seamless crafting and exquisite quality.


Upcoming Events

Very pleased to announce that I will be heading back to Europe in Summer 2017 for some more headline shows. Tickets are available now. Come and join with us.


Spain: Madrid Show

Fri 2pm - 09 June 2017
Sala Vistalegre
Ticket: Sold

Germany: Hamburg Show

Sat 8pm - 17 Jun 2017
Ticket: Available

Belgium: Antwerp Show

Fri 4pm - 23 June 2017
Lotto Arena
Ticket: Available

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