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Smartphone technologies to consider when developing an app

Apple has long been at the forefront of minimalistic, user-focused design. Back in the ‘80s, Steve Jobs created the [...]

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The future of software development is now

Despite businesses’ reliance on their skills, developers are still relatively hard to come by. The talk of a skills gap refuses to die, and today, demand continues to outstrip supply. According to the UK Visa Bureau, software development and IT are among [...]

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MasterCard launches blockchain APIs for developers

Financial service giant MasterCard has launched three blockchain APIs on its developer portal in a bid to keep up [...]

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Fed Rate Hike

The Federal Reserve is expected to raise its key interest rate on Wednesday. It would be only its second rate hike since 2006. The first was in December 2015. One rate hike won’t change the world but the process of rising rates [...]

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Mortgage Rates Jump

The average rate of a 30-year-fixed rate mortgage has jumped to 3.94%, up from 3.57% last week. In the past two weeks [...]

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