About Me

A native of Switzerland, I was exposed to food at a very young age, and began working in kitchens at the age of 14. From there I have spent time in some of the finest hotels and restaurants.


"Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are so many notes or colors, there are so many flavors. It's how you combine them that sets you apart."

Carlos Stones

Carlos Stones

What I Do

My formula is local ingredients together with Michelin-style exclusivity and service, obsessive attention to detail.

My Skills

I develop the French-minimalist style featuring intensely flavored vegetable and fruit essences in place of heavy sauces.

My Works

I take the ingredient-centered concept to extremes, serve minimally manipulated items and rely on diners to devise their own menus and even choose the sauces for each dish.


Cooking Class

From knife skills to the latest cooking techniques, there’s always something new to learn in these cooking classes. You’ll always leave hungry for more and encounter your own eatery epiphany.


Sharpen Your Knife Skills

6pm : 9pm - 10 Jan 2017
Austin North Lamar
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Smashed, Mashed and Boiled

2pm : 4pm - 15 Jan 2017
Fort Worth
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Healing Winter Spices

10am : 1pm - 17 Jan 2017
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Give me a call, send me an email or a letter - or simply leave here your message. I am dedicated to give you thorough advice and help you make great dishes for your family.


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