Deco Luxury Apartments

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Walking past Gainesville, Florida’s Deco ’39 Luxury Apartments transports onlookers out of the contemporary college town and onto Miami Beach’s exuberant Ocean Drive. Inspired by the colorful, elaborate art deco architecture of the roaring 1920s, Deco ’39 brings a piece of sunny vivacious South Beach to Gainesville.

Built by Trimark Properties and tailored for the University of Florida students, this apartment complex imitates art deco architecture by incorporating geometric forms of cubism and brilliant, neon colors. Influenced by the structured, symmetrical shapes of Aztec and Ancient Egyptian pyramid design and the casual seaside luxury of Miami Beach, Deco ’39 is the perfect balance of retro fun and upscale modernity.

In classic art deco style, the building’s exterior features rectangular, block shapes juxtaposed with arched, curved facades. Large windows surround the building to allow ample natural sunlight to brighten the interior, similar to the sunny radiance of the Miami weather. The turquoise building is adorned with mosaic accent walls of multi-colored blue tile, reminiscent of the crystal clear waters of South Beach. The building surrounds a courtyard complete with a trickling fountain and palm trees to evoke a coastal atmosphere. At night, the complex is lit up with LED lights in vivid shades of neon orange, blue, red, and green, nostalgic of the colors that illuminate Ocean Drive’s buildings at night which overlook the city’s exciting nightclubs and entertainment.

Deco ‘39’s modern, yet retro-inspired interior is complete with black and white tile and gridded windows. Kitchens include custom black and white cabinetry and granite countertops. In two-story apartment layouts, geometric floors and black iron staircases lead to an upstairs bedroom and luxury bathroom complete with a full-size tub.

With its richly embellished, geometrically dynamic exterior, Deco ’39 Luxury Apartments’ vibrant design evokes the energetic excitement of Miami nightlife and upscale oceanfront luxury of South Beach, creating a contemporary apartment atmosphere with a mix of sophisticated elegance and refreshing charm.