About Me

Rowan Williams is the parish priest of St Mary of the Angels in west London, the organiser of the tour of St Thérèse’s relics throughout England and Wales in 2015.

"It's true that I am sent not only to love God but to make him loved. It is not enough to love God if my neighbor does not love him."

Rowan Williams

Rowan Williams

Who I Am

I help parishes, schools and individuals to bring cradle Catholics back to the practice of the faith and to seek converts.

“Once you pray, Forever God stays”

Upcoming Events

Our gatherings together is not only something that we do for God, but it is something that God does to and for us. Join the upcoming events. There’s no requirements – just show up!

Sunday Worship

10am : 12am - 5 Feb 2017
St Mary Church

Good Friday Tenebrae

7pm : 9pm - 10 Feb 2017
St Mary Church

Wednesday Evening Fellowship

8pm : 10pm - 15 Feb 2017
St Mary Church

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For general inquiries, pastoral needs or any other questions, give me a call, send me an email or a letter - or simply leave your message here.

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+61 3 8376 6284


350 Easy Road Washington DC, US

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